The Best Way to Clean Costco Shag Rug

Oct 9th
Type Costco Shag Rug
Type Costco Shag Rug

Costco shag rug have definitely come a long way since the 1970s. Today’s shag mats are thick and plush while watching modern and sophisticated. Cleaning this type of carpet requires special care due to the height of the pile. With a high as high and thick, it is difficult to get all dirt and grease out, especially from the bottom, with regular vacuuming. Whether you clean shag mats with steam or chemicals, depends largely on materials from the top carpets

Steam Cleaning

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You can clean a Costco shag rug with steam by doing it yourself with a hired mat steam boat or by hiring a professional. There are two main ways to steam clean the carpet, steam and dry steam. Vapor steam machines heat water to between 240 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit. This creates water vapor penetrating deep into your shag matte fibers. This machine then extracts any residual moisture into the steam cleaner and holds it in a separate chamber until you throw it. Dry steam cleaning works in the same way.

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Dry steam cleaning also heats water between 240 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit. The big difference between gas vapor and dry steam is that moisture in the dry steaming general is really low, about six percent. Both dry steam and steam steaming Costco shag rug are good ways to clean natural fibers shag carpets, as chemicals are not necessary. Natural carpet fibers are not as resilient as synthetic fibers. Many commercial carpet cleaners will damage these sensitive fibers, destroying carpets.

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