How To Fix Aluminum Sliding Patio Doors

Oct 6th
White Aluminum Sliding Patio Doors
White Aluminum Sliding Patio Doors

Aluminum sliding patio doors are located in patio leading into the garden. They are different types used, one side fixed and other sliding and or two sliding panels and a fixed one. The room and size of opening determines which type to use. This also determines the glazing to be put. When ready to fix an aluminum sliding patio doors, whether due to replacement or anew, first measure the opening. Ensure that all railings, rollers, glazing are all in place. Line the opening smooth with plaster and check sides, floor and top. Ensure corners are square; jambs are plumb while top and bottom level. Fix the frame work by screwing into the reveals and jambs. Hacking the bottom part slightly recesses the framework for it to be flush with floor.

After the aluminum sliding patio doors framing is in place, assemble the fixed part. Take the glazing and tie the frame round, it while inserting the rubber lining. Slide this panel and screw it into the frame firmly. Start sliding panel assembly and fix glazing as before, insert the rollers and push into the guiders. Let the panel roll along to the fixed side. Screw adjusts the wheels by pushing them up or down. Clean debris on guiders and remove dust.

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Now that aluminum sliding patio doors is assembled, place correctly each panel. Ensure that the fixed panel is on the outer guider and sliding part in the inside one. This prevents draught during windy days. Add the linings on the grooves provided to stop shaking during windy days or when opening. Add the locking latch and test the mechanism when inside and outside the room. Fix the alarm system if provided on moving panel and frame, and then clean the door.

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