Horizontal and Diagonal Landscape Edging Ideas

May 31st
wood landscape edging ideas
wood landscape edging ideas

Landscape edging ideas are the ideas about creating the landscape edging in the garden or park. Landscape edging is the way to make the garden looks neat and tidy and also to prevent the plants to be out from its own place. There are many things that you need to consider before choose the kind of landscape edging that you want. In this article, we’re going to talk about horizontal and diagonal designs for the landscape edging. There are actually many designs, but we’ll talk two of them only.

Landscape Edging Ideas: Horizontal Brick Landscape Edging
The first one is about the horizontal design for the landscape edging. In this case, the material that used is brick. You can change the material if you want since we just focus on the horizontal design of the landscape edging. It’s simple to install, you just need to put the bricks horizontally and you’ll get this model. You can also put some bricks vertically at the outer part right after the horizontal bricks. In that way, you can get a better view of the landscape edging. The horizontal design will cover the plants better from soils or wild grass from outside the landscape. It’s also easy to install and you won’t get tired seeing this model since it’s one of the common designs for landscape edging.

17 Picture Gallery: Horizontal and Diagonal Landscape Edging Ideas

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Diagonal Brick Landscape Edging
The second one is called diagonal brick landscape edging. Just like its name, this landscape edging is using the diagonal design for the edging of the landscape. As for the material, we use the brick again as the example since it’s easy to be shaped. You need to install vertical way inner bricks and horizontal way for the outer bricks to get the 3D diagonal look. This kind of design is very suitable for people who are looking for a great view of landscape edging.

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