Easy Way to Paint Poliform Closets

Jun 26th
Original Poliform Closets
Original Poliform Closets

Poliform closets – Painting the room wardrobe can provide a fresh, new look to the whole room. It can also be an addition to the value of your home, which is an investment in the property. Painting wardrobe doors is not enough as it is equally important to paint from within. Because we put our precious clothes and shoes in these small rooms, it’s important to make them look clean and tidy even from the inside. Wardrobe painting does not have to be a challenging task, as there are ways to simplify the project

Painting Inside

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Often people start painting directly from the wardrobe doors. But it’s better to start from inside the poliform closets and then turn the exterior walls later. Remove all and clean the walls with a soft cloth. Make sure the wall is free from dirt and mold. If there are attached shelves inside, cover them properly with newspapers, unless you paint them. You can also use masking tape. Once you have covered shelves, cover the floor tiles with either newspapers or drop cloths. Unlike big rooms, a closet a relatively small space, and you can use a small roller and brush, which will help you reach small spaces easily. Allow the paint to dry for at least 30 minutes before the second coat. Before putting your things back in, let the other coat dry for at least an entire day.

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Painting doors

To paint the poliform closets doors, start by removing all obstacles such as hooks, nails and glue from the door surface. Remove door handle and lock. Repair any scratches or damage so you have a smooth surface to paint. Clean thoroughly.

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