Clean Faux Fur Area Rug At Home

Mar 22nd
White Faux Fur Area Rug

The realization of a skinned rug is a simple sewing project with a luxurious look. Faux fur area rug is available in an abundance of patterns and styles. Some that look and feel very realistic while others are in bright fantasy colors. Imitation fur blankets are popular since they are much cheaper than real fur. Also hurt any animals during the creation of blankets and are more present in department stores and furniture stores.

Many people may think that dry cleaners are the only way to make the artificial skin clean. But chemicals used in the cleaner can actually stiffen and reduce the softness of your faux fur area rug. Instead, wash the rug in your washing machine with proper care routine. So, to clean it at home, starting with turn your washing machine with a large load size and setting cold water.

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Pour in your normal mild detergents, using the type of design for delicate and underwear. Check that the detergent contains no bleaches. Open the blanket and place it in the washing machine. Allow the machine to finish washing. Remove damp blanket and hang or lay flat to dry. Never put a rug in the dryer as this can cause the carpet to fall apart. Carry the faux fur area rug outdoors and shake to release some loosened threads of fur.

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