Building Grow Closets

May 17th
Modern Grow Closets
Modern Grow Closets

Grow closets – Installing a closet can make a handy person as the hero of the day. The project can be done on a weekend with careful planning. Building a wardrobe can lead to a better organized house and will let you easily find your stuff.


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Set the size and design of the desired grow closets. For example, swing the door post, how much space is needed to hang your clothes and how much shelf space is desired. It can be difficult to install shelves or wardrobe rods there door swings in and still provide adequate entry access. Measure to determine how much material you need and what type of material. Go to the store and purchase material needed for the project.

Draw the grow closets system on the wardrobe wall with a pencil before starting the assembly. This will ensure that your layout will work. Use a control detector to determine where the studs are in the wall. Use a hack to sow your material to the desired dimensions. Connect your compressor, air hose and air gun, loaded with 1½- to 2-inch Brad nails. Install all 1-by-4 discs on the wall to spike them to each bolt that has been marked. Cut shelf material to construct and chlorine because 1-by-4 stringers use 1¼ inch Brad nails. Screw the closet rod mug holder into 1-by-4 side strings. This will build support for the shelves and the wardrobe rods.

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